CWF Game Cast Episode 43: Welcome Cataclysm!

Co-hosts Jonathan J. Reinhart and Tom Barbalet discuss their weeks in gaming. Jonathan focuses on the Cataclysm expansion to World of Warcraft. Tom discusses a recent trip to a local game store, which he previously described as “unfriendly” but one that has a lot of Flames of War product.

Some discussion is held of Games Workshop’s failed attempt to place retail stores in New England. Tom mentions attending a convention in Mansfield in 2011. He says that he’d like to make it a real vacation and spend time visiting people he knows, Jonathan included.

Tom spends time promoting Youtube as a resource for gaming. He says it is possible to find helpful “How To…” videos on there for assembling, painting, terrain, etc. Beasts of War is highlighted in this regard as being a previous stronghold of videos.

Jonathan discusses the Gaunt’s Ghosts series of novels by Dan Abnett, focusing on Ghostmaker. He highlights its strengths and weaknesses while detailing how he obtained his copy. The novels are reminiscent of Bernard Cornwell’s Richard Sharpe series.

Jonathan then states that he is Facebook friends with former Games Workshop designers Alessio Cavatore and Gav Thorpe along with Black Library author Dan Abnett. He moves on to discuss War at Sea Set V being released. You can find our digitization project at War at Sea Stat Cards.

The pair finish up discussing the possibility of a monthly newsletter and renaming the podcast, blog, website URL, and everything. Listeners are asked to send their suggestions to rename the podcast. All suggestions will be taken under advisement. Please send podcast names to us at cwfgamecast at wargamingforums dot com or post them as a comment on the blog or on our Facebook page.

As always we conclude with a message from our sponsor,, and contact information (find us on Facebook and Twitter).

We hope you enjoy this episode of the CWF GameCast and are eager for your feedback (both positive remarks and constructive criticism). Send it all to cwfgamecast at wargamingforums dot com.

**NOTE** There was an encoding error when this episode was originally released. It has since been fixed. We owe many thanks to Steven from What Would Patton Do?, as seen on the front page of the Flames of War website, for bringing the error to our attention.

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