TotalCon 25 Puffing Billy Board Game Tournament

TotalCon has released the categories for their Puffing Billy tournament. As you can see from the categories, Puffing Billy is a train-themed board game tournament. Trains are very popular and train-themed board games have a large following.

Be sure to get plugged into the Puffing Billy tournament at TotalCon 25!

Here are the new catagories for the Puffing Billy tournament

1 Ticket to Ride – all board game variants
2 Empire Builder – all variants
3 18XX – all variants
4 Union Pacific, Santa Fe, Freight Train, Ticket to Ride Card Game, Station Master,
Hell Rails, On the Underground, Trans America / Trans Europe
5 Settlers of America, Metro, Streetcar, Chicago Express, Steel Driver, Trainsport,
Railway Rivals / Dampfross, Stephenson’s Rocket, Days of Steam,
and all other 2 hour games
6 Railways of the World – all variants, Railroad Tycoon
7 Express, Brass / Age of Industry, and all other 3 hour games
8 Silverton, Steam / Age of Steam
9 Rail Baron, Baltimore and Ohio, and all other 4 hour or longer games