War at Sea Contest

Please read the bottom of this article to find out who won!

Episode 47 of our podcast featured Bill Dettmers, CEO of our sponsor 12-7-Games.com, and I discussing War at Sea. During the interview Bill expressed his desire to help younger gamers obtain the expensive and out of print units they seek from the early War at Sea sets. Many units from those sets fetch top dollar on the secondary market with Kondors and PBY-Catalinas routinely selling for $30+ per plane. I’ve personally seen Kondors and Catalinas sold online at a cost of over $50 for a single plane.

Like Bill, we at the CWF Game Cast believe that younger gamers deserve reasonable access to those out of print models. To make Bill’s desire a reality we are running a War at Sea contest.

What You Need To Do

You are asked to submit your ideas for how young players can get the older (and out of print) War at Sea units they need/want without needing to spend money. This needs to include some sort of “sweat equity” in that the young players need to work for the models. The models will NOT be just given away.

Please submit all of your ideas. We will pick the one we like best as the winner. If more than one person submits a great idea then there may be multiple winners. The winning idea(s) will be sent to Bill Dettmers who may institute it as a system enabling the young players to receive out of print models from his store in adherence with the winning idea(s).


Thursday, March 31, 2011


The prize basket so far consists of:
1 Monty and the Fox’s Wargaming Show t-shirt (being designed by Tom’s wife, not yet completed)
1 War at Sea booster (sponsored by 12-7-Games.com)
1 Set of 4 Litko Aerosystems Small Smoke Markers
1 TotalCon 25 t-shirt (courtesy of TotalCon)
1 The World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Zombies PDF for the Pathfinder RPG system (courtesy of Troll in the Corner)
1 Sidequest 001 Temple of Stone PDF by Imperium Star Games for D&D 4th ed
1 Sidequest 002 Goblins in the Streets PDF by Imperium Star Games for D&D 4th ed (sponsored by Imperium Star Games)
1 Current issue of Battlegames Magazine (sponsored by Henry Hyde Editor of Battlegames Magazine)
and prizes not yet decided on. The other prizes most likely will include some previously mentioned prizes along with PDF game downloads.

Estimated value of Prizes: $58.26

UPDATE 3/28/11
We’re getting down to the wire. If at least 5 people participate in the contest we will add the below to the prize basket.

1 War at Sea Booster
1 set of Litko Aerosystems War at Sea tokens

These two additions will increase the value of the prize basket by almost $40. That will bring the total value of the prize basket to around $100 (over when you include postage etc).

All you need to do is submit and get your friends to submit. Remember, if at least 5 people participate in the contest we will include those items and, in the process, will increase the prize value to $100.

UPDATE 4/4/11

We are delighted to announce that we have chosen the winner. Bill, Tom, and myself unanimously agree that Ant S from the Axis & Allies ForuMINI is the winner of this contest. He wins everything cited above in the official prize basket.

Additionally, we are awarding Joe, also from the Axis & Allies ForuMINI, as the runner-up. He will receive 1 PDF copy of Battlegames Magazine courtesy of Henry Hyde, editor, of Battlegames Magazine.

We want to thank Bill Dettmers for coming up with the contest idea and for inspiring us to run this contest.

We want to thank all of our contest sponsors: 12-7-Games.com, Battlegames Magazine, TotalCon, Imperium Star Games, and Troll in the Corner for supplying prizes.

Many thanks are heaped onto Battleground Games & Hobbies and the Axis & Allies ForuMINI for allowing us to promote this contest on their internet message boards.

Finally, thanks are given to all who participated in this contest. We know this was one of our more difficult ones. We are very delighted to award over $60 in prizes! We hope you will take the time to enter our Field of Chaos Political Compass Contest.