CWF Game Cast Episode 51: Black Powder Explosion

Co-hosts Jonathan J. Reinhart and Tom Barbalet record together for the first time since Jonathan was sick with the zombie flu (actually, a severe respiratory virus that grossly exacerbated his asthma).

As usual the week in wargaming is discussed. Most of it is focused on Black Powder, which the dynamic duo swiftly transition into. A lively debate is had concerning the minimum, or starting, army size for this rule set. Tom reiterates suggestions he previously gave to Jonathan. Jonathan explains how he is attempting Black Powder. He mentions stellar advice from Henry Hyde.

The two move on to the related issue of Osprey Publishing’s New Vanguard, Campaign, and Men-at-Arms series. Tom and Jonathan, briefly, delve into the history of Massachusetts, while discussing Jonathan’s schooling.

Jonathan mentions his wife and her latest painting project, a Thaniras Elves War Dragon for the Uncharted Seas game. Jonathan jokes that it looks more like a drake but perhaps he is splitting hairs. The painting discussion includes Tom mentioning painting greats Kevin Dallimore, and his fantastic Foundry Miniatures Painting & Modelling Guide, personal friend Golden Demon Winner and former ‘Eavy Metal painter Tammy Haye, and Golden Demon winner Kirill Kanaev.

Tom flexes his mathematical muscles reviewing two dice rolling apps for the iPhone. Simple Dice by Nora Krauss and dynamicDICE are both reviewed. Tom alludes to creating his own dice app. Jonathan interjects with his preference for Dicenomicon.

Jonathan discusses his appearance on Episode 1 of The Gate Stormers (be warned of explicit content) in that show). A whirlwind of topics spin about. Tom reminds listeners to participate in the Field of Chaos Political Compass Contest. An update is given on the Monty & the Fox’s Wargaming Show branding. The editing schedule is briefly mentioned before Tom does a killer Neil Shuck impersonation!

The conversation ends and paves the way for the debut appearance, on this show, of official gaming music from Bailey Records. “Enter Darkrider [Extended Remix]” from Stratos’ album Autumnal Slumber will please your ear drums for 3 minutes and 28 seconds.

As always we conclude with a message from our sponsor,, contest sponsor Battlegames Magazine, our Creative Commons license and contact information (find us on Facebook and Twitter).

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