Huzzah Con 2011 Photo Spread

Major warning to dial up users. This post includes almost 300 pictures that I took while at Huzzah Con 2011. It will take awhile to load.

These pictures mostly depict the games I played: Battle of the Sulu Sea (home-grown game), Battle of Olustee (using Warlord Games’ Black Powder rules), Remember the Alamo (using Warhammer Historical rules). There are pictures of other games being played, products being sold by vendors, other gamers, and prizes from the raffles.

Hopefully these pictures will help those of you who couldn’t be there in person to at least feel like you were. It was an incredibly fun and informative con to participate in. Tom and I will be covering it in several podcast episodes. I will write about it here on the blog. If you are a friend of mine on Facebook you will be able to view these images on there too.