CWF Game Cast Episode 56: Huzzah Con After Action Report

Hosts Jonathan J. Reinhart and Tom Barbalet discuss Jonathan’s trip to Huzzah Con 2011. Jonathan provides a brief overview of Huzzah and some sights to see in Portland, Maine. Almost the entire show is devoted to a discussion of Huzzah Con 2011. Jonathan describes the first game he played, Raiders of Sulu Sea by Mike Paine, which used homegrown rules. Tom inquires about pictures, on our Huzzah Con 2011 Photo Spread posting, of sheep. Jonathan says that the sheep are from the Viking Dawn game, which used Peter Pig rules and lasted the entire con.

The second game Jonathan played was the Battle of Olustee. This game recreated the historical Battle of Olustee, from the American Civil War, using 28mm Perry Miniatures and Warlord Games’ Black Powder rules. Boston Trained Bands Wargames Club, operating out of Hobby Bunker in Malden, ran this game. Jonathan describes the game, tactics, winning conditions, and his thoughts on an appropriate size for a good game using the Black Powder rules. During the course of discussing this game Jonathan highlights Barb & Ernie Baker of Architects of War and JR Miniatures for buildings and Steven Mynes of Age of Glory who sold him the Architects of War buildings for the AWI games he will be playing.

The conversation moves on to the final game Jonathan played. Remember the Alamo was run by Billy DiGiulio using the Warhammer Historicals Legends of the Old West – The Alamo Victory of Death rules. Jonathan explains the game, compares it to previous incarnations, and highlights who historically won the battle.

Tom and Jonathan spend some time chatting about the vendors at the con. Jonathan highlights Gordon of Adler Hobby for their fantastic customer service and vast supply of Flames of War products. Adler Hobby also ran two events at Huzzah. Jonathan reiterates Hobby Bunker as the source of his JR Miniatures building (see Black Powder Terrain Part 1 for pictures of the painted product).

Huzzah Con discussion finishes with Jonathan mentioning a great giveaway. The first 5 listeners who e-mail him,, will get a free Huzzah Con t-shirt courtesy of Dean Emmerson and the MHWA Maine Wargamers Association. Sizes will predominantly be limited and dependant on what Dean sends Jonathan. Henry Hyde of Battlegames Magazine receives a shout out because he sponsored prizes, which were a big draw, for the Huzzah Con raffle.

Tom gives an update on the Field of Chaos giveaway, e-mail for a free copy. He also mentions content for upcoming shows. Jonathan gives one last shout out to Scratch Bakery Co, Duck Fat restaurant, and the Portland Head Light. Tom alludes to some recent feedback saying that our style may not be for everyone but there is a podcast to suit everyone’s tastes. A handful of other shows are mentioned and props are given to Martin Kearney for notifying us about rumors concerning Games Workshop and Australian stockists.

After the main conversation draws to a close there is a special surprise, recorded by Tom, for Henry Hyde from all of us at CWF Game Cast.

The show winds down with the the Music to Game By segment with Bailey Records’ “Android Beat Poetry” from Stratos’ album Cybernet Official Roleplaying Soundtrack and the new Battlegames Magazine promo and.

As always we conclude with a message from our sponsor,, contest sponsor Battlegames Magazine, our Creative Commons license and contact information (find us on Facebook and Twitter).

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7 Comments on “CWF Game Cast Episode 56: Huzzah Con After Action Report”

  1. Henry Hyde

    Well, what can I say? Birthday greetings in your dulcet tones, Tom, such flattery will get you everywhere!

    Good show, fellas, and I’m delighted that the download prizes were well received at Huzzah. And as for Jonathan, well, you’re quite the Black Powder convert! I can see that my rules have got a lot to compete with when they finally appear…

    Looking forward to our interview in a couple of weeks.

    1. Jonathan J. Reinhart Post author

      Henry I am hoping beyond hope that we can sweet talk you into granting us a review copy of your book. If nothing else in life makes you famous, I think Battlegames Magazine will go a long way as will your fundraising for Combat Stress Appeal, then you will always be remembered for those sheep. :)

      This summer will be heavily laden with podcasting gems!

  2. Dean Emmerson

    Yes, well done. I’m pleased to hear that you (Jonathan) enjoyed your weekend in Maine. Portland is a small city, but has interesting historical sights, and superb food. There are several forts within striking distance (an hour) of Portland, as well as the Joshua Chamberlain Museum, the Pownalborough Courthouse, Pemaquid, and then there are the botanical gardens, and …. plenty to do!

    Jonathan, I think you brought up an interesting point, asking why people bother to play historical scenarios in which there is no way to win. Every few years we pull out our Zulus and play Rorke’s Drift, and we always express outrage if the British dont win, and in our games they rarely do. The Alamo should always fall, but every once in a while it does not and then we have cause to remember the event. Perhaps the key to some of these games is to build victory points into the game, so that while you lose the table, and the battle, you might win the game or at least put in a good showing. Fighting withdrawals, river crossings, holding an objective for some number of turns though you are taking casualties at a high rate- many of these could be edge of your seat games with the right set of victory conditions.

    Henry, the Motherlode CDs were very well received and we thank you for the support.

    1. Jonathan J. Reinhart Post author

      @Dean By and large I think there is a huge interest to play battles fought from times gone by. People seem interested to also game events that “should” and “could” have happened or to take a situation and put their own spin on it. What might be confusing, to me and to other newcomers to historicals, is gaming situations that are vastly one-sided with almost no hope of winning. You mention Rorke’s Drift (Zulu being a great film), The Alamo is of course another as is Teutoberg Forest. I there are plenty more but these are in the front of our mind’s.

      I like your idea of objectives or other insertions to give the “doomed” party something to do other than lose. Playing The Alamo at Huzzah was a blast for quite a few reasons. Billy did a fantastic job with the table! The players were a blast to game with. Immersing myself in a different rules system was enjoyable. IT’S THE FREAKIN’ ALAMO!

      Tom and I cannot wait to schedule a time with you and some of the other MHWA fellas for a chat session on Skype. Maybe one of these days we can get our gear together and perhaps do a live cast from Huzzah…that’d be sweet actually.

  3. Richard Claydon

    Jonathan glad you enjoyed the Battle of Olustee great photos and podcast! We have American Revolution in 28mm that we could bring down to Battleground Games to do some more Blackpowder?

    The Hobby Bunker in association with Boston Trained Bands is hosting the second annual miniatures game day on Saturday August 27, 2011. The Bunker will be open for gaming until 10 PM*

    Boston Trained Bands will be running the Battle of Olustee February 20, 1864 other games TBD. Other games masters and/or clubs are welcome to present their games. Please use the contact information below to book a table. Comments from last year: “that was a rockin’ good time and I didn’t get to do
    half the fun games being offered.”

    1. Jonathan J. Reinhart Post author

      @Richard I really can’t say enough good things about all of the Boston Trained Bands (mind if I shorten it to BTB?) guys who I chatted with, games with, and met. Maybe exemplary is the best adjective I can find in my vocabulary. Olustee…what isn’t there to love? I really thought the Rebs were doomed halfway in and I’m still shocked that we won.

      Mike Paine mentioned running an event at the miniatures game day that you guys will be there. This looks like an event I need to get my butt up to Malden for. Maybe I can convince some of the historicals guys down here to make the trek with me. If nothing else it’d be sweet to play in Mike’s event and to have another go at Olustee.

      I wish you guys were closer to me, or I to you, so I can get to know all of you much better. Let’s work on making it happen for you guys to come to Battleground for some Blackpowder. I know the store owner, Derek Lloyd, and the manager of the Plainville location, Chase Laquidara, would both love this. Not to mention that the historical guys would enjoy. Plus, maybe some others would take a peek.

      1. Richard Claydon

        Mike has confirmed that he will be at the second annual miniatures game day on Saturday August 27, 2011, with:

        Zombie Revenge on the Road to Hanghai

        Dave Cheng has taken a little time off from his duties as Dictator of Council of Five Nations to visit 1920’s China. Warlord Cheng’s army of regulars and his bodyguard of White Russians are on the road to Hanghai spoiling for a fight… but it won’t be easy! The Mysterious Dr.Satan has infected the population so the dead reanimate as zombies. Even the usual cast of hero characters are not immune. Beware of Zombie Revenge on the road to Hanghai! Kids and adults that know how to play with kids welcome.

        We can run either AWI or Civil War black powder or a bunch of other games from Dark Ages to Modern Africa!