CWF Game Cast Episode 59: Wargaming Magazine Extravaganza

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart debuts the new show sans former co-host Tom Barbalet. As usual the episode begins with Jonathan’s week in gaming. He played a couple introductory games of Flames of War. Cort Naegelin receives another mention for lending issues of The Courier. Jonathan highlights issue 65 of that magazine for its article on organizing your painting table.

The focus of the show is wargaming magazines. This theme is kicked off with a review of Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy magazine. Jonathan shares what he likes and what he’d like to see improved with this magazine. He transitions to digital magazine subscriptions. The pros and cons are explained couched in a diatribe as to why the digital format is Jonathan’s preferred method for using gaming magazines.

The new Name Our Podcast Contest 2 is announced. Submit your name suggestions via e-mail to One person (you can enter more than once) will win a prize basket including a t-shirt with the new name, some digital downloads, and a few other prizes. This is an ongoing contest ending when a new name is chosen.

Numerous upcoming guests are highlighted. You can find an up to date list on our Podcast Page. On top of the Name Our Podcast Contest we are also running a giveaway.

The Huzzah Con T-Shirt Giveaway, shirts courtesy of Dean Emmerson and the Maine Historical Wargamers Association, lasts until the last shirt is given away. The first 5 people to e-mail win a FREE Huzzah 2011 Viking Dawn T-shirt. The available sizes are 1 XXL and 4 Larges. Include your t-shirt size and mailing address in the e-mail. Take a peek at this picture of Jonathan wearing the con t-shirt.

The Hobby Bunker in Malden will run a game day in August (check out the pdf flyer). It will feature The Battle of Olustee using the Black Powder rules and will be run by the Boston Trained Bands club. Mike Paine, also from Huzzah Con 2011, will run a pulp zombie game too.

The show winds down with the the Music to Game By segment with Bailey Records’ “Escape From Los Vegas” from Stratos’ album Warlands The Soundtrack and the new Battlegames Magazine promo.

As always we conclude with a message from our sponsor,, contest sponsor Battlegames Magazine, our Creative Commons license and contact information (find us on Facebook and Twitter).

We hope you enjoy this episode of the CWF Game Cast and are eager for your feedback (both positive remarks and constructive criticism). Send it all to cwfgamecast at wargamingforums dot com. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Xbox Live with gamertag cwfgamecast.

Our intro song is “Downtown” by Matthew Ebel. Please give his other music a listen at

3 Comments on “CWF Game Cast Episode 59: Wargaming Magazine Extravaganza”

  1. Cort N


    Courier is out of print. Mr. Bettie Finally got tired of herding cats, or he just wanted to retire. I hope your wife isn’t mad at me. Those mags have a little basement funk to them.


  2. Andrew Malcolm

    Another useful show, thanks.

    After listening to it, I nipped along to my local W H Smiths newsagents, and bought the latest copies of WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED, MINIATURE WARGAMES, and WARGAMES, SOLDIERS & STRATEGY, and am thoroughly enjoy them all. :-)

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