CWF Game Cast Episode 61: Bailey Records Music to Game By

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart and guest host Drew McCarthy begin with the usual week in gaming. Drew mentions dropping from a weekly RPG he was participating in. Jonathan announces dropping from the the monthly Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition he played with Drew McCarthy and his friends. Additionally, he discussed the many painting projects he is completing.

The duo talk about the informal Saturday gaming social Jonathan set up at Battleground Games & Hobbies in Plainville. At it Drew learned how to play War at Sea using the 2010 Starter. Cort N. stopped by the event, showed his 25mm Old Glory AWI Redcoats and numerous 15mm Napoleonics and 6mm GHQ WWII models. Plus, he showed off the Napoleon’s Triumph board game. Thoughts are bantered as to why the event was sparsely attended. Jonathan mentions wanting to do another one of these and promises to better research what other events will be taking place at the same time. A Magic: The Gathering release took up most of the space in the store. Drew highlights an upcoming Warhammer 40k Singles Tournament held by BG.

Jonathan then mentions the monthly Painting Social at BG Plainville along with similar events held by Adler Hobby in Hollis, New Hampshire and The Whiz on Rte 9 East in Westborough. A short discussion ensues covering the hobby side of gaming, i.e. assembly and painting. The co-hosts both declare their dislike for assembling models and Jonathan shares that he nows enjoys painting. He lists his pile of painting projects for Black Powder and what he hopes to work on at the Painting Social. Thankfully most historical figures require no assembly. Dystopian Wars is also mentioned and weighed in regards to assembling and painting the models.

The two discuss painting and painting setups. Jonathan mentions his Ott craft light and using cork to affix models that he is painting. Drew discusses how different lights alter how models look whether one uses sunlight/Ott lights, fluorescent, etc.

The show moves on to reviewing Bailey Records and their gaming soundtracks. Bryan K. “Stratos” Borgman generously donated the albums: Autumnal Slumber, Warlands The Soundtrack, and Cybernet Official Roleplaying Soundtrack.

Drew disliked the heavy Jazz influence that permeates throughout the Cybernet album. At first listen the Warlands album was something that Drew would like but then it turned into more techno, which Autumnal Slumber also did. Drew felt they were good albums but not his favored genre. Technically speaking he felt they were beautifully crafted and he enjoyed the Eastern feel in some of the titles.

Jonathan counters saying how much he enjoyed the albums. Both agree that the albums would be perfect for the right setting and right type of game as a means to set the mood for gamers. Autumnal Slumber is cited as Jonathan’s favorite and it was the one Drew “disliked the least.” In Jonathan’s opinion Warlands was his least favorite. It has a purposefully disjointed feel to reflect the post-apocalyptic setting it depicts. Many apologies for the loud drinking noises from Jonathan’s bunnies during this review.

Both agree that they want to listen to more music by Stratos. To quote Drew, “I want to listen to everything he has.” Concluding the music discussion Drew gives the albums 3 out of 5 stars and Jonathan gives them 4 out of 5 stars citing the low purchase cost as increasing the value. There will be an album to accompany Bryan’s forthcoming miniatures game titled Kaiju Kaos.

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The Huzzah Con T-Shirt Giveaway, shirts courtesy of Dean Emmerson and the Maine Historical Wargamers Association, lasts until the last shirt is given away. The first 5 people to e-mail win a FREE Huzzah 2011 Viking Dawn T-shirt. The available sizes are 1 XXL and 4 Larges. Include your t-shirt size and mailing address in the e-mail. Take a peek at this picture of Jonathan wearing the con t-shirt.

The show’s remainder is devoted to the Mailbag. Listener feedback, mostly focusing on painting, is shared. Giles Allison’s Tarleton’s Quarter blog is cited as an inspiration for painting AWI figures. Jonathan talks about how the podcast is connecting local gamers. Both Cort N. and new listener Aonghus have given feedback on this subject. Drew and Jonathan compare and contrast the GW metric with historical gaming. Each has its benefits and their faults. One makes it easy to find an opponent whereas the other offers freedom to use any rule set. This is the iPhone vs. Droid debate of gaming.

The show winds down with the the Music to Game By segment with Bailey Records’ “Prelude To Armageddon” from Stratos’ album Warlands The Soundtrack along with the Battlegames Magazine promo.

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