Army Painter Quick Shade 2 – Infantry

Knowing that practice makes perfect I set to work on another piece to dip in the Army Painter Quick Shade Strong tone that I bought at The Whiz, Rte 9 East in Westborough, recently.  I grabbed a Perry Miniatures Mounted Infantry Officer in hunting shirt and painted him.  He might be my army general and he will ride the horse I dipped in Army Painter Quick Shade.

He was basecoated as such:

Citadel Khemri Brown – hunting shirt, stirrups

Citadel Knarloc Green – Pants, sash/belt

Citadel Tallarn Flesh – Skin

Citadel Boltgun Metal – Sword

Citadel Dark Flesh – Hair

Citadel Chaos Black – Boots and hat

After everything was covered with the appropriate color the model sat while the paint dried.  As soon as it was dry I opened the can of Quick Shade, again with a regular screwdriver, inverted the model and dipped.  All of these models are affixed to a piece of cork for easy painting.  That gave me something to hang onto while dipping.  If you don’t have anything like this then please use pliers as suggested on the can.

Several strong shakes removed most of the excess.  A few passes with my Ultrabrush took care of the rest.  Below are pictures taken after drybrushing and immediately after dipping.  More pictures will be taken tomorrow at 20 hours after dipping.

1 Comment on “Army Painter Quick Shade 2 – Infantry”

  1. Cort Naegelin


    I like the look. Do you think that you have to use lighter shades when using the dip?

    Cort N