Wargaming Recon Episode 64: Historical Modelling

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart releases the inaugural Wargaming Recon episode.

Dispatches from HQ (or should I say Despatches from HQ) kicks off the show.  Henry Hyde’s forthcoming book The Wargaming Compendium (searching Barnes & Nobles website will know show the book, please use the link I provide) is discussed.  Pre-order troubles with both Amazon and Barnes & Noble are highlighted.

Basing materials, spackle and wood filler, are reviewed and discussed.  Examples of their use with Flames of War infantry bases are given.  The Art of War book by Battlefront is cited as a good reference source.  Modelling discussions continue with a review of Army Painter Quick Shade.  Jonathan used a Perry Miniatures American War of Independence mounted infantry officer as a test for this product.  Please see Army Painter Quick Shade and Army Painter Quick Shade 2 – Infantry for pictures and a detailed review.

The Total Con Contest is announced.  Winners can receive FREE passes to TotalCon 26.  One winner will get 1 FREE weekend pass.  Three lucky winners will each get 1 FREE day pass.

The Mail Bag opened to reveal e-mails from Harry Peless who listens to the show while raking leaves.  Finally, Black Powder is again mentioned.  Jonathan, Cort N., and Adrian B. will be running Daybreak at Hangman’s Creek, a 15mm ACW scenario, at Total Con.  More play-testing will be held on November 5th at 2pm, at Battleground Games & Hobbies in Abington.  Please see our Facebook event for further information.

As always we conclude with a message from our sponsor, 12-7-Games.com, contest sponsor Battlegames Magazine, our Creative Commons license and contact information (find us on Facebook and Twitter).

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1 Comment on “Wargaming Recon Episode 64: Historical Modelling”

  1. Tilman

    Good show, if a bit confused. But that’s maybe due to you being unhealthy. (Get well soon.) However, biggest point is that the show’s back. I’ve really got used to listening to gaming podcasts while painting or doing other hobby stuff, and yours on the list as well. So I missed it quite a bit over the last couple of months.

    Regarding Army Painter: I have a can of Dark Tone myself, but had never really got the hang of it – until I had an accident with white primer which almost ruined a whole box of Perry plastics. There I had about 40 models just for a big trial of AP, and I tried my hand on techniques as seen on Dave Imrie’s blog (http://saxondog.blogspot.com/).
    It worked out surprisingly well and was, at least in my measurements, quite fast. I think it’s all about control, so I would heartly recommend to you to try brushing the AP onto the model. (Buy some cheap brushes and don’t worry too much about cleaning them – they will easily last for a couple of sessions, i.e. using the AP on dozens if not hundreds of models.) Brushing makes for a much thinner coat, and you can vary the amount of AP on certain parts of the miniature. Such a coat also takes only half the time to dry.
    In my opinion, ‘dipped’ models should always be retouched. Of course, that’s spending more time on them, but it’s absolutely worth the effort. Just add a few highlights with the original base colours, especially on the face, and it will look so much better! Here you can find part of my results: http://lead-mountain.blogspot.com/2011/08/narrow-escape.html
    Personally, I won’t use AP exclusively, for I enjoy old-fashioned painting too much. However, for getting the job done and a lot of models on the table it’s just great. Keep trying!