Wargaming Recon Holiday Gift Guide 2011

We’ve recovered from the large turkey dinner complete with stuffing and pie. Black Friday has been followed by Cyber Monday. It must be time to release the annual holiday gift guide.

Shopping for others is never easy and even more difficult when shopping for gamers. Perhaps you don’t play the game(s) they do. Perhaps you don’t even understand gaming. Or perhaps you can’t keep track of what the gamer in your life does and does not own. We hope to remove the mystery with our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Picking anything from this guide is sure to make any gamer happy.

Jonathan’s List
Under $15

  1. Zombie Dice. This is last year’s #1 overall pick. FLGS, online vendors.
  2. CCG Boosters. World of Warcraft and War at Sea. FLGS, online vendors.
  3. Grass Tufts. Army Painter Battlefield Tufts or look for Silflor. FLGS, online vendors
  4. Chessex 16mm D6 . You can never have enough dice. Chessex makes aesthetically pleasing sets and you can also use them to play Farkle. FLGS, online vendors.
  5. GW Metallic Paint. FLGS, online vendors.

Under $50

  1. Black Powder rulebook. Our new #1 overall pick!  FLGS, BN.com, Architects of War
  2. JR Miniatures Terrain.  Any scale, low prices, pre-painted, pre-assembled.  FLGS, Warstore.com.
  3. Perry Miniatures. American War of Indepence is highlighted but ACW and Napoleonics are in plastic kits.  Warstore.com, Perry-Miniatures.com
  4. Battlegames Magazine Digital Subscription. Bi-monthly color magazine release.  Digital sub gives you PDF format viewable on iPad, etc.
  5. Pandemic (and expansion) board game. FLGS, online vendors.

$100 and Up

  1. SAGA Army Deal.  Includes starter war band, rulebook, and dice. GrippigBeast.com
  2. eReader or iPad. The easiest way to carry electronic formats of sourcebooks, FAQs, rules updates, and light reading. I use my iPad to look up rules, blog, share pictures, and much more. The Barnes & Noble Nook (Color if possible) is our choice for eReader. Apple stores/online, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble.
  3. Xbox 360 with Kinect/Game Consoles. Best Buy, Toys R Us, Amazon, etc.
  4. Professional Paint Job – Price varies. Have your army professionally painted. Check out Blue Table Painting for an example.