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New Year’s Eve is fast approaching New England. That means it is time for the obligatory top list that every radio station, podcast, blog, website, book, and person seems to compose at this time of year.

Last year we said Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011. Much of what we said then holds true now. Everything keeps getting better. Listener/fan interaction has increased, Facebook likes have reached 86 people, Twitter followers has blossomed into 82 people, podcast subscribers hold steady in the 40s, and episode downloads routinely break 100.

YOU have made all of this possible. When you write an e-mail, post on Facebook, retweet, tell a publisher/vendor that you’re making a purchase because of us, and when you participate in our contests. That keeps the fire lit under me.

Thank you.

Without further adieu the Top 10 Lists. Please enjoy and don’t hesitate to let me know what you want me to discuss in 2011.

Top Podcast Episodes of 2011

  1. CWF Game Cast Episode 51: Black Powder Explosion – 221 downloads
  2. CWF Game Cast Episode 50: WWPD News From the Front and Steven MacLauchlan – 180 downloads
  3. CWF Game Cast Episode 57: Neil Shuck and Force on Force – 167 downloads
  4. CWF Game Cast Episode 58: Henry Hyde and Battlegames Magazine – 154 downloads
  5. CWF Game Cast Episode 47: 12-7-Games and War at Sea With Bill Dettmers – 149 downloads
  6. CWF Game Cast Episode 61: Bailey Records Music to Game By – 144 downloads TIED FOR 6TH PLACE
  7. CWF Game Cast Episode 59: Wargaming Magazine Extravaganza – 144 downloads TIED FOR 6TH PLACE
  8. CWF Game Cast Episode 52: Neil Shuck & Meeples & Miniatures – 140 downloads
  9. Wargaming Recon Episode 66: Holiday Gift Guide 2011 – 132 downloads
  10. CWF Game Cast Episode 54: Huzzah Con Prep – 126 downloads
  11. CWF Game Cast Episode 55: Deceased Estates 101 – 125 downloads

Top 10 Blog Articles of 2011

  1. Flames of War Bocage Sneak Peeks – 4,785 views
  2. Foray into Tomb Kings w/ Tutankhanut Conversion – 2,908 views
  3. FREE Paper Terrain – 2,785 views
  4. Creating a 40k Apocalypse Army: Giddy-up! – 1,357 views
  5. Miniature Market Review Prompts Company Reply – 1,318 views
  6. The Conversion Vault: 40k Cadian Rough Riders – 990 views
  7. GW Baltimore Games Day 2007 Revisited – 687 views
  8. The Conversion Vault: 40k Chaos Sorcerer – 659 views
  9. Games Workshop Releases (Blood Angels codex, LoTR, White Dwarf 30th) – 549 views
  10. Combat Storm Free Download Terrain Building Pack 2 – 514 views

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