Wargaming Recon Episode 67: Bibliomania

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart opens the show with some announcements. He discusses thanks everyone for their condolences, announces a new endeavor, promotes the TotalCon 2012 Contest, reviews the new Battlegames magazine digital subscription, chats about the holidays, talks books, reviews Man of Honour by Iain Gale, and editorializes about SOPA & PIPA.

An explanation is given as to why the “week in gaming” segment has disappeared. The death of Jonathan’s grandfather is mentioned along with thanks for all of the sympathies that were given. Jonathan reveals a new writing project in the form of a weekly column at Troll in the Corner.

TotalCon 2012 gets its own contest. Listeners are encouraged to e-mail cwfgamecast@wargamingforums.com with their favorite American Civil War game, and reason why, for a chance to win FREE passes to TotalCon 2012. Full details can be found at WIN FREE TotalCon 2012 Passes.

Battlegames magazine has officially changed ownership and Jonathan shares his thoughts about the new way digital subscriptions are handled. He doesn’t hold back with his views and makes a surprising announcement.

The holidays are discussed and received gaming gifts are mentioned. The bulk of the show is focused on books for gamers. Hitler baut Grossdeutschland im triumph von Konigsberg nach Wien by Heinrich Hoffmann, Caesar’s Army by Harry Pratt Judson, Fighting Techniques of the Colonial Era 1776-1914 : Equipment, Combat Skills, and Tactics by Robert B. Bruce, Advanced War Games by Donald F. Featherstone, and The War Game by Charles Grant are all mentioned.

Man of Honour by Iain Gale is briefly reviewed. Don’t forget to read up about the Battle of Blenheim and the War of Spanish Succession.

The show finishes with Jonathan editorializing about SOPA & PIPA. Check out American Censorship to learn more about SOPA & PIPA. Please watch the four minute video, below, about these acts.

As always we conclude with a message from our sponsor, 12-7-Games.com, our Creative Commons license and contact information (find us on Facebook and Twitter).

We hope you enjoy this episode of Wargaming Recon and are eager for your feedback (both positive remarks and constructive criticism). Send it all to cwfgamecast at wargamingforums dot com. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Xbox Live with gamertag cwfgamecast.

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2 Comments on “Wargaming Recon Episode 67: Bibliomania”

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  2. Cort Naegelin

    Finally, got this one in the rotation. My MP3 died. I am not a subscriber to Battlegames. So, I don’t think I should hazard a opinion, but in general I agree with you.

    Cort N