Wargaming Recon Promo Contest

Lately I’ve been listening to some awesome podcast promos. That has reminded me how badly the Wargaming Recon needs a promo.

You may remember how awesome the Monty and the Fox promo was, which my former co-host Tom Barbalet created. He geared it towards listeners of WWPD and put his DJ and music skills to work.

You also may recall my dreadful CWF Game Cast promo from many years back. That promo was so awful that I buried my memories of it inside a sea chest and dumped it into the sea.

Here’s where you come in. I need good ideas for a promo. It should sum up what the show is about, be no longer than 30 seconds in length, and appeal to gamers like you.

You do NOT need to record the promo. But, if you send me a recorded promo (MP3 or WAV only please) then I’ll probably send something special your way as thanks for the extra effort.

The best promo earns its creator:
Something awesome
Credit for the promo (to be posted on the blog and also into the credits of every show)

You have until midnight EST on Friday, March 30th to get your submission to me.

Don’t forget, send your submissions to: