Wargaming Recon Episode 70: Dedhampton Revolution

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart unleashes this episode with an apology for his noisy rabbits. The show includes a review of the next installment of the Jack Steel novels, a review of Hexographer the map-making program, an introduction to the Dedhampton Revolution, a chat about running a 1 Day Campaign, and a reminder about our Podcast Promo Contest.

Jonathan discusses several history oriented books and reviews the next installment of the Jack Steel series. The series is set in the Wars of Spanish Succession and revolves around the forces under the command of Lord Malborough (Prime Minister Churchill’s ancestor).

The show progresses with a review of the Hexographer map-making program by Inkwell Ideas.

Most of the episode is dedicated to Jonathan’s imagi-nation campaign, the Dedhampton Revolution. Tons of credit goes to Henry Hyde for his articles on the War of the Faltenian Succession, which can be found in the earliest issues of Battlegames Magazine. Stokes Schwartz’s article “My Imagination Ain’t What It Used To Be!” was also a great inspiration.

Jonathan chats about running a one day campaign. Inspiration came from Wargames Illustrated issue 292 – February 2012. Jonathan will run Supplies for Seaward March as a one day campaign for his gaming buddies.

Listeners are asked to participate in the Wargaming Recon Promo Contest (click for full details). You have until Midnight EST on Friday, March 30th to get your submission to cwfgamecast@wargamingforums.com. You need to send your promo idea that sums up what this show is about, is 30 seconds or less in length, and would appeal to a gamer like you. One winner will receive something cool plus full credit for their work.

The mailbag is opened to reveal thoughts from Wally Harwood and an event notice from Richard Crawley. Please check out the Crisis Point Newsletter PDF for full details on attending the weekend event that Richard Crawley is running.

As always we conclude with a message from our sponsor, 12-7-Games.com, our Creative Commons license and contact information (find us on Facebook and Twitter).

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