Wargaming Recon Episode 72: HUZZAH 2012

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart begins the show with a monologue on the responsibility podcasters have to their listeners (inspired by the latest installment of his column at TrollITC, read How Kevin Smith Rekindled My Podcasting Flame). The show discusses Huzzah Convention 2012 held in Portland, Maine.

Jonathan discusses all things Huzzah Con 2012 including his thoughts on the First Battle of Sacket’s Harbor 1812, played with the Warhammer Historical Trafalgar rules, and Conquest of Hanghai games that he played. Sacket’s Harbor was run by Rich Claydon of the Boston Trained Bands and Hanghai was GMed by Mike Paine.

Thoughts on the vendors at the con are shared. Listeners are urged to stop at the Maine Diner, get the Lobster Mac & Cheese, and also at The Great Lost Bear in Portland.

Be sure to check out Adam Carriere’s blog Fencing Frog for coverage of the FoW tournament and other Huzzah events. Adrian Benson covers Huzzah 2012 with a focus on the Black Powder games, at New England Grognard.

The show concludes with the song “I Wish I Were” by Matthew Ebel from his new album The Lives of Dexter Peterson

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3 Comments on “Wargaming Recon Episode 72: HUZZAH 2012”

  1. colin

    Great episode. Keep up the good work. Shame the weather isnt as good here in the south of england