2017 Episode Guide

We hope you will enjoy this episode guide to our 2017 podcast season.

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Release Date | Episode # | Topic, Important Notes, & Guest(s)/Co-host(s) if applicable
January 16th-Ep.174: Self-Publishing Your Game with Gabriel Landowski
January 30th-Ep. 175: Trilaterum Games with Timothy Colonna
February 13th-Ep.176: Cigar Box Battle Mat Review
February 27th-Ep.177: Creepy Hollow Restored with Michael Johns
March 13th-Ep.178: TotalCon 2017
March 27th-Ep.179: 5 Convention Pet Peeves
April 10th-Ep.180: Havoc 2017
April 24th-Ep.181: Wargamers’ Terrain Review
May 1st-Ep.182: Listener Convention Pet Peeves
May 15th-Ep.183: Cigar Box Battle with Chris Ward
May 29th-Ep.184: Huzzah 2017
June 12th-Ep.185: Prep a Convention Game
June 26th-Ep.186: Model Box Subscription Review
July 10th-Ep.187: Maine Historical Wargamers Association with Joshua Johnson
July 24th-Ep.188: Aurelian Review/Adrian Benson
August 7th-Ep.189: Great Wargaming Survey 2017 with Jasper Oorthuys
August 21st-Ep.190: Open Gaming Convention 2017
September 4th-Ep.191: Hobby Bunker Game Day 2017/Adrian Benson
September 18th-Ep.192: Sam Mustafa Game Designer/Adrian Benson
October 2nd-Ep.193: Wargamers’ Terrain Hedges
October 16th-Ep.194: Council of Five Nations 2017/Mike Paine
October 30th-Ep.195: Wargaming Recon Gaming Origins/Adrian Benson
November 13th-Ep.196: Kings of War in 15mm/Alex Kostopolous
November 27st-Ep.197: Holiday Gift Guide 2017
December 11th-Ep.198: Gaming Year in Review/Alex Kostopolous

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January 15th-Ep.199: