Wargamers’ Terrain Hedges – Wargaming Recon #193

Adrian and Jonathan review some wargaming products that are soon to be available online. Specifically hedgerows.

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The Hedgerows

Purchased for $9USD for 1, 9 inch section “the hedgerow comes in other sizes such as 6 inches roughly $1 per inch of hedgerow”.  Made from same compound used in the interior of the FlexFences. They are coated with static grass, twigs, flock, pebbles, and other basing material. They are great for North American & Western European locales.  They also would work for portions of Asia. Customers can contact Joe Linares to order them as they are NOT for sale yet on the Wargamers’ Terrain website.  We purchased ours at Huzzah 2017.

Model Box

Reviewed it with Mike Paine on Episode 186. We wanted to revisit. At the time Mike wasn’t a fan of it and Jonathan was firmly on the fence. It came up on Episode 187 with guest Joshua Johnson.  He liked the idea. We wanted to tackle it again because there’s been a lot of discussion lately about subscription boxes/crates/etc. Jonathan is quoted saying “I DO NOT PAINT.  Been on record for years saying I don’t assemble & paint minis. Model Box got me to paint and assemble.  Im working on the 2nd fig from that May 2017 Barbarian box and have subscribed to the October 2017 one they’re calling the “Orktober” box”



Listener Mail


From Facebook

  • Listener Jack had questions about the hedgerows.  He asked:1) How durable are they? 2) How generic are they (i.e. multipurpose)? 3) How easy are they to store?
  • Listener Jamie asked some terrain questions: “How do you design your tables?” “What does Adrian take into account when planning con games?  Do you think realism, tactics, aesthetics? What do you shoot for and what compeimises do you make?”
  • Listener Gabriel says “Would be curious to know how fragile and flexible they are.”



Wargaming Recon Facebook Group 

A place for listeners to hang out, chat about the hobby and the show. We have seen some great discussions lately.  Some members have shared pics of minis they’re painting and had a lively discussion about wet palettes. Want to thank Enfilade & NHMGS for making it possible for us to back a wet palette Kickstarter. We will do a big Wet Palette episode in 2017 because of their support.

The Veteran Wargamer

We’re guests on an episode of Jay Arnold’s podcast The Veteran Wargamer.  Recording our appearance tomorrow night. By the time you hear this episode Jay will have already released our guest appearance.

Check the Wargaming Recon FB page for more details


  • 5 star review titled “Top Notch” from landencelano of the Grunt Work Podcast” Really impressed with the quality of the content and how enjoyable it was even being semi-unfamiliar with the topic. Unique perspective. Can’t wait to consume all there is to listen to. ”

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