Naming Dedhampton Revolution’s Citizens

Henry Hyde, yes the Henry Hyde that I keep mentioning in relation to the Dedhampton Revolution, asked me for feedback on his Wars of the Faltenian Succession articles, which appeared in early issues of Battlegames Magazine. I wrote him 3,000 words responding to his 30+ pages of imagi-nation goodness. While… Read More»

Wargaming Recon Episode 70: Dedhampton Revolution

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart unleashes this episode with an apology for his noisy rabbits. The show includes a review of the next installment of the Jack Steel novels, a review of Hexographer the map-making program, an introduction to the Dedhampton Revolution, a chat about running a 1 Day Campaign, and… Read More»

Dedhampton Revolution: House of Reisen

This is a brief posting to introduce the House of Reisen. They rule Dedhampton and her colonies. His Majesty King Felix Drake Reisen has subjects on both sides of Bradford Ocean. His sons princes Wilf Gregg Reisen and Peers Justinian Reisen serve in His Majesty’s armed forces. Prince Wilf commands… Read More»

Dedhampton Revolution Revealed

In a previous post I announced my immersion into the realm of imagi-nation gaming. I quite rightly put all the blame on Henry Hyde. He piqued my interested with the Wars of the Faltenian Succession. This article will expound some of the details. Hopefully it will also answer some of… Read More»