About Services I Support

All of the entities in the Services I Support area of the blog are products or services that I use and love.

Some of them are free organizations I belong to like Tabletop Gaming News Blog Network or the Internet Defense League. You may find them useful depending on your needs.

Others are affiliate links. If you do make a purchase after clicking the link, I do financially gain as the result of your purchase. They are listed not just to earn me money. They are listed because I use and believe in the services. They are services that I think could benefit you. It sure is a great way to help support the content that I produce, in the event that you want what any of those services provide.

For example, you might need web hosting. This blog is hosted with BlueHost (affiliate link). I love their service, believe in them, and have received great value for my money. You would be well served by signing up with BlueHost and if you use my affiliate link I receive some compensation.

If you don’t need a service that I support, then pretend they’re invisible and concentrate on the content I publish.