Author: Janshi

The Darkest Angel Returns

The first two parts of the Darkest Angel, that seminal Warhammer 40k fan fic, are up and available on the Imperial-Literature website! Check it out. and -Janshi Imperial Literature

Imperial Literature: News Update!

Hey, this is Janshi again, with some more exciting development at Imp Lit. First and utterly foremost is some long awaited news: the Fiction section is now up! Take a look here to find out all about it: Secondly, the November Monthly Writing Workshop (MWW) Sign Up thread is… Read More»

Imperial Literature: Monthly Writing Workshop

Greetings from Imperial Literature! I am Janshi, a moderator at the aforementioned site, and granted by our gracious host the opportunity to act as Imp-Lit’s mouthpiece to the greater wargaming community abroad. Here’s a little background info. Imperial Literature is a Games Workshop fan fiction website that has been operating… Read More»