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TOTALCON 26 – Daybreak at Hangman’s Creek PICS

I know you’ve been reading the TotalCon postings on here and hopefully you’ve been enjoying them. As a reward you will find pictures, below, from the Daybreak at Hangman’s Creek game that Adrian B., Cort N., and I ran. I am the fat kid in the blue Wargaming Recon shirt.… Read More»

TotalCon 26 is HERE!

No, I didn’t steal this from Ben Gerber who posted Total Confusion XXVI – if you’re going to be there, come say hello! But, if I did happen to steal it, and I’m not saying I did, let’s just remember that adage about great minds stealing instead of borrowing. That’s… Read More»

Top Content of 2011

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching New England. That means it is time for the obligatory top list that every radio station, podcast, blog, website, book, and person seems to compose at this time of year. Last year we said Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011. Much of what we said then… Read More»

R.I.P. Joseph Gonsalves (my grandfather)

Yesterday my grandfather passed away suddenly in his sleep. He was surrounded by loved ones. As you can imagine I am grieving his loss. Until further notice the podcast is on hold. So are new articles. I apologize for the disruption this causes but hope you will bear with me.

Wargaming Recon Holiday Gift Guide 2011

We’ve recovered from the large turkey dinner complete with stuffing and pie. Black Friday has been followed by Cyber Monday. It must be time to release the annual holiday gift guide. Shopping for others is never easy and even more difficult when shopping for gamers. Perhaps you don’t play the… Read More»