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Monsterpocalypse Official Playtest Photos

Privateer Press, the makers of the new game Monsterpocalypse, have released photos of official playtesting.  The pics are pretty sweet giving a nice overview of how the game is setup and some of the new figs.  We’ve made them available below for your viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to ask your… Read More»

Black Gobbo 115 Available

The new Black Gobbo issue 115 is now available. It has daemons, daemons, and more daemons. This issue is a must read for daemonic cultists. Check it out at Black Gobbo E-zine 115. Issue #115 is decent but too heavy on the daemons. It appears to have an error with… Read More»

The Warstore Newsletter Issue 2 May 2008

  TheWarstore, that great discount online store, has just published the 2nd issue of their newsletter for May 2008.  It has a lot of great stuff inside and we’ve reproduced it below for your enjoyment.  Please send an e-mail to to find out how to subscribe.  It is worth… Read More»

Monsterpocalypse Comic Releases Fall 2008

Privateer Press has issued a press release about their upcoming comic miniseries focusing on Monsterpocalypse.  It is reprinted below. Privateer Press and Across the Pond Studios have teamed up to create a new comic miniseries, published by Desperado, introducing the world of giant monsters from Privateer Press’ upcoming Monsterpocalypse Collectible… Read More»

Inside No Quarter #18 May 2008

Wondering if the new No Quarter is worth purchasing? The table of contents below tells you what issue #18 covers. There’s great Legends coverage plus tons of modeling articles. Over 90 pages of Privateer Press goodness all for just $5.99.  It is nice to see more Monsterpocalypse coverage.  We are… Read More»