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Forgeworld Newsletter #192

The new Forgeworld newsletter, issue #192, has now arrived. It is a small issue but has some nice things. Check below for the articles in this issue. You can subscribe to the Forge World newsletter by sending an e-mail to You can see issue #192 with pics here. World… Read More»

GW Army Release Dates

This was originally a page on this blog. We have since re-evaluated it and determined it works better as an article.  This has the added benefit of allowing us to tag it so you can find this more easily.  If you originally linked people to GW Army Release Dates please… Read More»

Getting Out of Axis & Allies Minis = Cheap Models

After spending much time, energy, and many resources on the game I am now getting out of Axis & Allies Minis. I will keep a few items for display purposes but am getting rid of 99% of my stuff. I am keeping all my War at Sea but not my… Read More»

Axis & Allies Miniatures: North Africa

Axis & Allies Minis North Africa is the newest set to appear at a gaming store near you on March 28, 2008. The set is part of the 1939-1945 revised series that Wizards created for the game. 1939-1945 issued some fixes for the game including a larger size tank, which… Read More»