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Wargaming in 2018 – Wargaming Recon #199

Discover the plans for 2018 as Jonathan discusses what’s happening in the beginning of the podcast season.  He also talks about Ultimate General: Civil War and shares some of the changes at the show.

ReCast: 5 Convention Pet Peeves – Wargaming Recon #179

You know what really grinds my gears? What gears you ask? Well the GEARS OF WAR(gaming conventions). Join Jonathan today as he vents his mind in regards to what can improve our beloved gaming cons. The longest-running tabletop wargaming podcast on the planet   1 – Unnecessarily Difficult Experiences It… Read More»

ReCast: Sam Mustafa Game Designer – Wargaming Recon #192

Hope you enjoy the first of two “Best of” 2017 episodes. Originally released on September 18, 2017 the episode features game designer Sam Mustafa talking about Aurelian and his new WWII game Rommel. This ReCast features Alex and Jonathan sharing why this is a best of episode for them.  On… Read More»