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Dead Computer = No Podcast

When I woke this morning my computer had been dead. That computer has all my podcasting files and programs on it. I intended to put out a podcast today but that will not happen. I apologize for the delay. I’m working to come up with a solution. Hopefully, I’ll be… Read More»

CWF-2007-04-27 Axis and Allies War at Sea

This solo-cast is with Jonathan. Today we discuss Axis & Allies War at Sea. Download Podcast Now (Right Click, Save Target As to save to your computer) Our RSS Feed (put the URL in your favorite RSS gatherer or podcast downloader) 1) Theme, Zombie by Devin Anderson (Electronic) 2) Friday… Read More»

Want to Podcast?

I know many of you listen to podcasts and some of you may even want to create your own. It can be a lot of fun and requires dedication and inspiration to make a good pod or vidcast. To help you with this I am sharing a great episode of… Read More»

Mark of Chaos Ported to Xbox 360

According to Gameguru, Warhammer: Mark of Chaos will be appearing as the newest member to the lineup of Xbox 360 titles. This information comes hot on the heels of Katamari and Ace Combat 6 porting to Microsoft’s console. You can bet other Namco Bandai titles will be spreading onto the… Read More»