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You Play It, We Discuss It! | Volume # 1 | July 1, 2007
War at Sea: PBY Catalina searches for enemy

  Photo of the Month!
PBY Catalina searches for enemy ships in War at Sea.  Click the photo for an article on War @ Sea Rules Clarifications.
Sitting Ducks Gallery

Article of the Month!
Sitting Ducks Gallery.  Click the photo for the Article of the Month!

Blog News!

In June we redesigned the blog and implemented game specific tags.  This makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.  But the real news is how to get involved with the CWF Game Cast.

There's a lot of people who visit and read the blog or listen to the podcast. I'm sure at least some of you want to know how to contribute.

Here is your To Do List. Below we tell you how to do each of these.

  1. Register your FREE Membership
  2. Leave a Comment
  3. Write a Post/Article
  4. Join Team CWF
  5. Tell your Friends about us
  6. Share our URL ( with friends
  7. Put our LINK ( in your signature (for e-mail, message boards, and more)
  8. E-mail Us Feedback
  9. Listen to the Podcast
  10. Read the Articles

For more information click on How to Contribute to the CWF Game Cast.

Quote of the Month!

"It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them"

-Mark Twain

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CWF Game Cast Stats!

For June 07

New Articles: 19
New Members: 1
New Comments: 0
New Podcasts: 1
Pageviews: 51,028

In Total

Articles: 189
Members: 9
Comments: 5
Podcasts: 24
Pageviews: 453,992
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