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You Play It, We Discuss It! | Volume # 4 | October 1, 2007

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Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.  At last it is on its way!  Check out Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition GenCon Presentation for all the vids.
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The Future of Gaming 4: Sorta, if you squint and tilt your head sideways.  Click the photo for the Article of the Month!

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In September we proudly promoted a new local gaming company named Imperium Star Games.  ISG is the brainchild of a gamer Adam McLaughlin.  

Its first game, The Joust, is nearing production and a lot of great happenings are taking place at ISG.  

Adam is working hard to make his dream a reality by making fun games that are fast to learn and simple to play.  Our endorsement, Imperium Star Games - The Joust & T-Shirts, is worth a read.

Support for the local gaming scene continued with publicity of 40k 'Ard Boyz Tournaments at Greenfield Games in Greenfield and Danger Planet Games in Waltham.  We are committed to supporting local gaming and the FLGS where we play.

If you have an upcoming local event please let us know via the Contact Us page.

Lastly we began coverage of Apocalypse, the biggest thing to hit 40k since 4th edition. Read about it in our Apocalypse articles.

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"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."

-Sir Winston Churchill

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September 2007 Newsletter Available
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