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You Play It, We Discuss It! | Volume # 8 | February 1, 2008

  Photo Video of the Month!
40k Apocalypse Mega Battle @ Battleground Games.  Check out the video.
Apocalypse Pics from Battleground Part 2

Article of the Month!
Apocalypse Pics from Battleground Part 2.  Click the photo for the Article of the Month!

Blog Podcast News!

The podcast is back full force!  It returned from its hiatus after Christmas and is going strong.

We have discussed many issues in the podcast such as 40k Apocalypse, iTunes, and Combat Storm.  We even were able to respond to outstanding iTunes comments.

Look for the podcast every Thursday to cover the world of gaming with a New England focus.  It exposes listeners to many games and podsafe music.  Musicians Matthew Ebel, now a New Englander, and native Matt Searles have been featured in the podcast.  We've premiered an enhanced version of the podcast at the end of January.  This enhanced podcast, has its own RSS feed for subscribers and it shows pics and provides links to all content.  This is a great way to get everything from the podcast without going to the blog.  It is perfect for those who listen to the podcast on their iPod.

Please note the enhanced podcast is only playable on the iPod, in Quicktime, and in iTunes.  It is also playable on all Mac computers.  For Windows computers and mp3 players, like the Zune, please subscribe to our regular podcast.  Or subscribe to it in iTunes!

If you have an idea for a podcast please let us know via the Contact Us page.

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Quote of the Month!

"A disorderly mob is no more an army than a heap of building materials a house."


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Apocalypse Pics from Battleground Part 2
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