Penny Arcade Burns EB Games

Penny Arcade managed to hit the nail on the head, yet again, in accurately shedding light on practices at “non-mainstream” (i.e. not Best Buy) video game stores in the comic below.

PA targets EB Games but it can just as easily been Game Stop or any other such store. Not too long ago a friend and I were at the Game Stop near him in a mall next to a movie theatre he used to work at. Two guys were working, one in his 30s and one late teens early 20s. My friend and I were checking out the new Wii games looking for Resident Evil 4. As soon as we walked into the store the younger employee saunters over to us, trying to get past the two girls wanting to pay for product, and as he clamors over his obstacle he rushes into us blurting out “Find anything you’d like to pre-order?” No, we’re all set thanks.

My friend found the game he wanted and I took a peek at the PS2 games where I had a “Need to pre-order?” catapulted at me. Seriously, I’m all set go diddle the merchandise or something. My friend went to pay for his game and the older employee, a manager I guess, launched into a debate of worst game ever. He was all cocky thinking he’d best my friend. The younger employee joined in and Team Game Stop thought they had trounced the lowly gamer with their superior gaming knowledge, why else work at a video game store except to make fun of customers and pretend to be superior, when my friend pulls out the Holy Grail of abysmal video games. Scraping the bottom of the barrel my friend sends a retort flying of the one game known to make up a buried mound of video games. A game so bad that the game maker went out of business and its owner went into Chuck e Cheese. You guessed it….E.T.!

Team Game Stop was Team Game Stumped and as dumbfounded as we left the store. Yet, they were they recovered their wits in time to hurl a feeble put down “That’s an old game…doesn’t count.” Whatever lets you sleep at night.

For Team Game Stop and game store employees everywhere with superiority complexes I dedicate my sharing of the below PA comic to YOU. As the Klingons say, “revenge is a dish best served cold.” Here’s my revenge so be sure to share and enjoy!

(Click the comic to get a closer look)

Ocean Mist 1.2 Takes Over CWF Game Cast

We have a new theme! This triumphal news comes to you after a lengthy dedication to the Blue Memories theme and the Rounded V2 blue edition before that. Both served us well but now that we’re more comfortable with WordPress 2.3+ we decided to jazz up the blog with a new theme. Fulfilling that pair of shoes is Ocean Mist 1.2 by Ed Merritt.

Ocean Mist caught our eyes when researching themes for a new blog. Its easy installation, widget support, great sidebar, and more professional yet laid back look won us over. Being named Ocean Mist didn’t hurt either. Every theme we’ve used has a blue color scheme with a hint of the ocean, living in Massachusetts will do that to a fellow, and Ocean Mist expertly follows suit.

What does this new theme mean for you? Changes, obviously, but aside of that your experience at the CWF Game Cast will be easier and better. You will more easily find content. You can more easily subscribe to our RSS feeds (podcast and blog) through the sidebar. You will more easily know what is a link by the red box surrounding pics. You can more easily spot what categories an article belong in by the Categories list beneath each article. Want to read the full article, and not just the teaser? You can click on the big “Read More >>” button under every article. For the first time ever our links show a brief description of each link and how it relates to the CWF Game Cast.

All this newness hasn’t changed the great features you’ve always loved. The tags, comments, Print This Post, and Digg submission icons are in their same great place….under every single article. The search bar is still in the sidebar, you still log in at the top of the sidebar, and our polls still feature prominently in the sidebar.

Speaking of polls, we have created a new one soliciting your input on our new theme. Take the time to vote in it. For your pleasure, the poll is in the sidebar. Please vote and be heard.

DorkTower 4 Gamer Hygiene


Hopefully this Dork Tower issue will give you some chuckles. After all, it has 2 things foreign to gamers…soap and pussy. But seriously, grab some soap and water, rub them together, apply to your body for 20 seconds, rinse, repeat, before you go gaming. Everyone in the store will thank you.

Quizzes for Massachusetts Gamers

This blog is aimed at gaming in Massachusetts and let’s face it, most gamers are geeks and nerds. I found 2 quizzes online that you have to take. They gauge your nerd type and how Massachusetts you are.

Take them here. For the record, I’m 100% Massachusetts.

Dude! You’re 100% from Massachusetts!



Dude! Me and Sully and Fitzie and Sean are gonna hit Landsdowne tonight after the game, hang out at the Beerworks. I’ll pick you up at the Coop at 6.

How Massachusetts are you?

What Be Your Nerd Type?

Your Result: Gamer/Computer Nerd



You enjoy the visual stimulants of a video game, chatting on AIM, or reading online comics. Most of these types of nerds are considered dirty who lack hygeine, of course they always end up being the ones who make a crapload of money. And don’t worry, that’s just a stereotype; I’m not calling you dirty. ^_~

Literature Nerd



Social Nerd



Anime Nerd



Science/Math Nerd



Drama Nerd






Artistic Nerd



What Be Your Nerd Type?
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Free Warhammer Competition

Hi all

I have started a new website  The aim of the site is to help fantasy and sci-fi gamers find model bargains on Ebay.

To celebrate the launch I am holding a free competition with loads of interesting Warhammer and GW models as prizes.  Some are quite unusual models from the 1980s.  Just visit and sign up for the comp.  Please remember that when you sign up for the comp you will be sent a confirmation email and you have to confirm your mail to be entered – check your junk!

Please tell all your gaming friends about it!

All the best