CWF to Interview Mongoose Publishing Owner Alex Fennell

You read that correctly! I just found out today that it is official. For awhile we’ve been saying on the blog and in the podcast that I’ll be talking to Alex. When that was said it was more of a have me in the crowd and ask questions and get info.

Now, it is official that he has agreed to give me some 1 on 1 time with him. It’ll be awesome!

This is where you come in. Give us your questions or comments you want shared with Alex. We’ll take the best ones and use some of them in our exclusive interview with Alex. It will be recorded on site at Danger Planet Games this October using our brand new field equipment.

Give us your questions and comments by e-mailing me at jreinhart (at) gmail (dot) com. Use Mongoose Questions as the Subject so you don’t get filtered into the trash.

CWF-2006-09-17 Duo-Cast w/ Tale of X Gamers & Editorial on Games Workshop Codices

This is our first Duo-Cast with guest co-host Steve. It is also the first cast that uses our brand new field equipment and is our first on air interview. We used a special sci-fi-esque sound effect during the interview. Let us know what you think of it. We may or may not repeat it next time we cast from the field.

We talk about our Tale of X Gamers and postulate on Games Workshop’s Codices/Army Books and their “flavor of the month” approach.

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Next cast will be a Solo-Cast w/^Raven^ on September 21, 2006.

Nintendo = Games Specialist

According to a recent article on iTWIRE, the Australian technology news website, Nintendo is leading the pack with its brand new Wii system.  The Wii is Nintendo’s next generation system like the PS3 is Sony’s.

The article “Nintendo the games specialist shows others how” by Stan Beer does a good job of saying why Nintendo will make a better system.  Above all Nintendo is solely a video game company.  Sony and Microsoft have many other markets bolstering them such as televisions, DVD/VCRs, Music, and Computers.  Nintendo must completely rely on the income from their video games and consoles.

Be sure to check out the article for its many valid points.  I’ve been a Nintendo guy since NES took over for Atari and excluding my PS2 I’ve never bought anything but a Nintendo console.  They have quality systems and quality games.  The SNES is still favorite pick for best RPG console.  I know others would choose the PS or PS2 but SNES really does take the cake.  NES set the stage with Super Mario Bros and Zelda.  Both characters continue in modern Nintendo games.

Andy “40k Overfiend” Chambers Interview

Recently the people at Warvault sat down, virtually, with Andy “40k Overfiend” Chambers for an interview. Warvault Owner Angron and Warvault Super Friend Swordwind conducted the interview.

This interview was to celebrate Warvault’s move to Acho Hosting for all of Warvault’s webhosting needs. The interview is the first Warvault interview of 2006.

Check out Andy Chamber Interview for the full interview. Also be sure to go to Warvault Interviews for all of Warvault’s scheduled and completed interviews. Coming soon will be Q&A sessions with Graham NcNeill and Gav Thorpe of Games Workshop fame.

This of course means the downtime mentioned in Warvault Joins Acho Hosting ended ages ago.  Warvault is an armed and fully functioning superior gaming database.  In the words of Banky Edwards, “bring on the free hooch!”  Only if you’re of legal age and you drink responsibly of course and you don’t drink and drive.  Oh, there’s too many legal disclaimers with a drinking quote or reference.  /sigh I don’t think I’ll do it again so may as well say that Blue Moon is a great beer.  That’s the last drinking or alcohol reference.  I promise.

Podcast Equipment Destroyed…But Have Hope!

As the title says some of our podcast equipment has gone to the junk heap.  In particular, and actually it is the only equipment to suffer, our AHS-515 Headset from Altec Lansing was felled by a mighty fall to the carpeted floor of my bedroom.

The floor broke the two earphone areas, the portions that go onto your ears, making it impossible to listen.  The headset still works but it won’t be suitable to keep.  I just got back from remedying this.

A quick trip to my local Best Buy, there’s one 5 minutes down the road, brought me a replacement AHS-515 headset.  It works nicely and it is not too expensive at $45.  However, I do have a gripe and that is the fall, which felled the original wasn’t severe and the equipment should have withstood it.  It was only 2ft off the ground onto plush carpeting.  That shouldn’t create the damage it did.  I think Altec Lansing needs to create a sturdier and more durable headset especially when it costs $45.

If you have suggestions on better headsets leave a comment.  If there’s something worthy out there I’ll give it a shot.  It has to have a microphone attached to the headset though. I’m keeping the Sony ECM-MS907 for field work and don’t want to use it in the studio.