Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – Wargaming Recon #147


Shopping during the holidays can be confusing and stressful. If you need a present for the gamer in your life look no further! Jonathan shares gift ideas for every size wallet.

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Under $20

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Extra Life 24hr Game-a-thon 2015 Live Blog

Today is the Extra Life 24hr Game-a-thon where gamers all over the place play games for 24 hours to raise money for kids in need. I am playing to benefit the Boston Children’s Hospital. They’re one of the most amazing hospitals for kids in all of the United States.

Some kids suffer from scary illnesses like cancer and cystic fibrosis. Not all of their families can afford the treatments. Extra Life is a charity that raises money, which goes to kids hospitals so that those kids receive the treatment they need and their families never get a bill.

This will serve as a live blog of my activities during the event. Additionally, I will be using social media and other outlets to share what I’m doing.

Hope you enjoy the ride.


Getting ready to go live with the live stream. Hope you enjoy!

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This game teaches babies that items don’t go away simply because they can’t be seen. We show the bees to my daughter. Then they get put in the beehive. We ask her “where are the bees?” She then has to find the bees and take them out.

Bees jingle or make crinkly noises. Can you tell she loves this game?



Catherine, my 9 month old, decided to try Prison Architect for herself. What do you think? Do I have a future gamer on my hands?




Now it is time for some Prison Architect. This game will make an appearance in my live stream later today.

An added challenge is playing while my 9 month old daughter sits on my lap. She likes to play with daddy’s computer too.

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Began my day at 8am playing Angry Birds 2 on my iPhone 5s. Beat the final boss of the first stage, which allowed me to move on to the second level. Very exciting!