CWF GameCast Episode 41: Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Co-hosts Jonathan J. Reinhart and Tom Barbalet discuss the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. This return to the annual gift guide highlights our picks for this holiday season. Our respective weeks in gaming includes Jonathan discussing the book Spies of the Balkans by Alan Furst as inspiration for Flames of War.… Read More»

CWF Holiday Gift Guide 2010

After an interlude of a few years the annual CWF Holiday Gift Guide has returned. This year my co-host Tom Barbalet, for our restarted podcast, and I decided to do the gift guide differently. We each have placed items on the gift guide. Instead of merging them into a single… Read More»

CWF Holiday Gift Guide 2007

There’s snow on the ground, online stores are giving deadlines for Christmas deliveries, and at least one fight between disgruntled shoppers made headlines in the mall. Must be time for the CWF Holiday Gift Guide. Last year the Holiday Gift Guide was presaged by coverage in the CWF Game Cast… Read More»

CWF Holiday Gift Guide

In our podcast of 11/26/06 we mentioned the possibility of our releasing a gift guide to help all you gamers, and those who have to buy for you, with gift ideas. Like the GW Holiday Gift Guides we’ve broken our suggestions down into price categories. The goal was to have… Read More»