Jonathan’s TotalCon 2017 Schedule

TotalCon begins February 23, 2017 at the Best Western Royal Plaza hotel in Marlborough, Massachusetts.  This new venue is supposed to feature more guest rooms, more playing space, more parking, and better food options for convention attendees.

2017 will be a banner year for Wargaming Recon at the Total Confusion (TotalCon) convention.  Below you will find my con schedule.  But, other members of the Wargaming Recon family will also be at the con.

Co-host Mike Paine is running:

  • Return of the Hanghai Dragon – 1pm Saturday February 24, 2017

Co-host Adrian Benson is co-GMing:

  • Santa isn’t coming but Hitler is: Bastogne Dec 24, 1944 – 1pm Saturday February 24, 2017 (using Bolt Action rules)
  • Wargaming Recon LIVE Podcast Recording – 7pm Saturday February 24, 2017 (in the TSR Game Room)

If you are coming to TotalCon this year, I’d love to meet you.  Below you can find my public con schedule.  Just look for the tall guy wearing either a black or gray Wargaming Recon t-shirt. If you like us on Facebook you will be able to see a photo of me during the con to make it easier for you to find me.

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