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Wargaming Recon Episode 75: Battlefront Restricts Flames of War

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart hosts the 75th episode of the podcast! On the show he reviews a book, updates the Battlegames Magazine situation, reviews Wunderlist, and gives in depth coverage of the Battlefront announcement.

CWF Game Cast Episode 61: Bailey Records Music to Game By

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart and guest host Drew McCarthy begin with the usual week in gaming. Drew mentions dropping from a weekly RPG he was participating in. Jonathan announces dropping from the the monthly Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition he played with Drew McCarthy and his friends. Additionally, he discussed… Read More»

CWF Game Cast Episode 60: Local Events Roundup

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart begins as usual his week in gaming. He updates the happenings in the monthly Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition he plays with Drew McCarthy and his friends. Jonathan updates listeners on the status of his Flames of War army. Dispatches from headquarters are shared announcing a… Read More»

This Week in Gaming – October 24, 2010

We’re doing something a little different this time. There is so much going on that fully covering everything would overload you with information. Instead we’re grouping it all together and giving you the highlights. If you want to know more about a topic we mention, please let us know and… Read More»