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Seaward March – Renedra Tents


At Havoc I picked up a package of Renedra tents in 15mm from the Hobby Bunker stall. They’re perfect for my Seaward March, one day American Civil War, campaign that I am running on the 31st. Cort owns a lot of 15mm ACW figures and terrain. But, it’d be nice… Read More»

Wargaming Recon Episode 64: Historical Modelling

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart releases the inaugural Wargaming Recon episode. Dispatches from HQ (or should I say Despatches from HQ) kicks off the show.  Henry Hyde’s forthcoming book The Wargaming Compendium (searching Barnes & Nobles website will know show the book, please use the link I provide) is discussed.  Pre-order… Read More»

Army Painter Quick Shade 2 – Infantry

Immediately after dipping

Knowing that practice makes perfect I set to work on another piece to dip in the Army Painter Quick Shade Strong tone that I bought at The Whiz, Rte 9 East in Westborough, recently.  I grabbed a Perry Miniatures Mounted Infantry Officer in hunting shirt and painted him.  He might… Read More»

Army Painter Quick Shade

36 hours dry

A trip to The Whiz, Rte 9 East in Westborough, resulted in a special order for Army Painter Quick Shade Strong Tone for $29.99.  Chris Walsh, co-owner with wife Lynne, used this to paint an entire 2,000 point Flames of War French army in record time.  That is all I… Read More»

Bristling With Enthusiasm

Picture by Shroudednmyst on Flickr

In order to apply paint onto the molten (or plastic) toy soldiers one must use a paint brush.  But, what type of brush should you use?  This depends on the type of paint being used. Most of my brushes are purchased from the local craft shop, A.C. Moore in my… Read More»

Painting Station


As a teenager I had a space and table dedicated to assembling and painting models.  Back then I hated that aspect of playing miniatures games like 40k and Warhammer Fantasy.  The table eventually went away but the desire for a painting table returned after my wedding.  Moving into the new… Read More»