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Archive of all podcasts in chronological order.

Wargaming Recon Episode 69 1/2: Podcast Promo Contest

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart unleashes this mini episode with a contest announcement. Listeners are asked to participate in the Wargaming Recon Promo Contest (click for full details). You have until Midnight EST on Friday, March 30th to get your submission to cwfgamecast@wargamingforums.com. You need to send your promo idea that… Read More»

Wargaming Recon Episode 69: Angelia Heroux & TotalCon

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart introduces special guest: Angelia Heroux, Media Director for TotalCon. Angelia reveals how she became involved with TotalCon, announces her pick between Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds, and which industry guest she was starstruck to meet. She talks about the Total Confusion (TotalCon) gaming convention held annually… Read More»

Wargaming Recon Episode 68: Tropico & TotalCon 2012

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart opens the show with some announcements. He highlights the show contents: TotalCon 2012 Contest Results, SOPA/PIPA Update, Tropico 4 review, Napoleon Total War Review, and more. Surprise is expressed at the lack of feedback to Episode 67‘s review of Battlegames Magazine‘s new digital subscription format. Episode… Read More»

Wargaming Recon Episode 67: Bibliomania

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart opens the show with some announcements. He discusses thanks everyone for their condolences, announces a new endeavor, promotes the TotalCon 2012 Contest, reviews the new Battlegames magazine digital subscription, chats about the holidays, talks books, reviews Man of Honour by Iain Gale, and editorializes about SOPA… Read More»