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Axis & Allies Minis: War at Sea

War @ Sea: GenCon 2007 Update

Richard Baker, War at Sea game designer, promised news on the upcoming Set 2 would be available and GenCon. Per the official forum it was announced that Set 2 would be out in 2008 and hopefully early 2008. Now, it has been announced that Set 2 will be out summer… Read More»

Protected: War @ Sea: Banners

Here are the banners we will use at the top of every War at Sea article. This lets visitors, at a glance, visually know what game the article covers. Many thanks, and all credit, goes to Cinnibar and Jesse_James on the official War at Sea forum (look at their To… Read More»

War @ Sea: Better Tokens?

In War at Sea the tokens, that come with the starter box, are quite important. They denote damage, alert to crippled and destroyed vessels, mark objectives, and even state when aircraft is aborted or re-arming. All in all the tokens are bloody useful and nicely made. However, they do have… Read More»

War @ Sea: 8/15/07 100pt Tourney @ Battleground Games

On Wednesday, 8/15/07, at 730 the first ever War at Sea Tournament will be held at Battleground Games in Abington. The tourney has a $5 buy in cost that will go towards prizes. The tourney is 100pts and uses standard official War at Sea rules. The Rules Clarifications are available… Read More»