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Axis & Allies Minis: War at Sea

CWF Game Cast Episode 50: WWPD News From the Front and Steven MacLauchlan

Host Tom Barbalet’s records this very special 50th episode to cover for Jonathan who was sick with the zombie flu (actually, a severe respiratory virus that grossly exacerbated his asthma). Tom interviews special guest Steven MacLauchlan of WWPD: News From the Front. As usual the week in wargaming is discussed.… Read More»

War at Sea Contest Ended

1 Monty and the Fox’s Wargaming Show t-shirt (being designed by Tom’s wife, not yet completed) 1 War at Sea booster (sponsored by 12-7-Games.com) 1 Set of 4 Litko Aerosystems Small Smoke Markers 1 TotalCon 25 t-shirt (courtesy of TotalCon) 1 The World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Zombies PDF… Read More»

Last Day Tomorrow for War at Sea Contest

Tomorrow is the last day to get in your submission for the War at Sea Contest. You have until Midnight EST to throw your hat into the ring for a chance to win tons of fantastic prizes! If at least five people enter the contest we will include the following… Read More»

War at Sea Contest Ends THURSDAY Midnight EST

The article title says everything you need to know. Our War at Sea contest, with the largest prize basket we’ve ever offered, ends THIS THURSDAY! Please get your submissions in by Midnight EST on 3/31/11. You can read the full contest guidelines by visiting War at Sea Contest. If no… Read More»