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Axis & Allies Minis: War at Sea

CWF Game Cast Episode 48 1/2: War at Sea Contest Reminder

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart brings you this solo mini-cast to discuss some important reminders and announcements. Jonathan briefly discusses his guest appearance on the debut episode of The Gate Stormers. He states why listeners may like this other podcast and he focuses a spotlight on the contest/giveaway he created at… Read More»

CWF Game Cast Episode 48: TotalCon 25 and Bay Area Travels

Hosts Jonathan J. Reinhart and Tom Barbalet’s record together for the first time in weeks. Jonathan reviews his first trip to a con when he attended TotalCon 25. Tom recounts his trip to the Californian Bay area with coverage of their local book and game stores. Some discussion is held… Read More»

War at Sea Contest

Please read the bottom of this article to find out who won! Episode 47 of our podcast featured Bill Dettmers, CEO of our sponsor 12-7-Games.com, and I discussing War at Sea. During the interview Bill expressed his desire to help younger gamers obtain the expensive and out of print units… Read More»

CWF Game Cast Episode 47: 12-7-Games and War at Sea With Bill Dettmers

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart explains Tom Barbalet’s absence for this episode. He introduces Bill Dettmers, CEO and Owner of 12-7-Games.com, for this special episode of the podcast. As owner of 12-7-Games.com, Bill is the one who orchestrated the sponsorship of the CWF Game Cast and Monty and the Fox’s Wargaming… Read More»