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For Warhammer Fantasy and all minor games set in its universe (Mordheim, Blood Bowl, Warmaster) by Games Workshop.

Wargaming Recon #111: How Jonathan Became a Wargamer

How Jonathan Became a Wargamer Listener Andrew submitted a question on Facebook asking how Jonathan got into wargaming. In this episode Jonathan answers. The tale begins with Warhammer 40k, touches down at War at Sea, then finishes with Henry Hyde and historical wargaming. Stone Ape Podcast #19: New England Gaming… Read More»

Wargaming Recon #105: Wargame Holidays Centre with Jon & Diane Sutherland

Wargame Holidays Centre with Jon & Diane Sutherland Two of the nicest people in wargaming make guest appearances for the first time on this show. The amazing Jon, and his incredible wife Diane, Sutherland share their love of wargaming. Jon shares why his book Mega Wargames is a must buy,… Read More»

Wargaming Recon #98: Battleground Games & Hobbies

Battleground Games & Hobbies Battleground Games & Hobbies is the successful game store in southeastern Massachusetts. It is a model for all game stores. Guests for this special episode are: Derek Lloyd, owner of Battleground Games & Hobbies Chase Laquidara, manager of Battleground’s Plainville store Drew McCarthy, gamer and long-time… Read More»

This Week in Gaming – October 24, 2010

We’re doing something a little different this time. There is so much going on that fully covering everything would overload you with information. Instead we’re grouping it all together and giving you the highlights. If you want to know more about a topic we mention, please let us know and… Read More»

Battleground Games Plainville Celebrates Grand Opening

Battleground Games & Hobbies celebrated the Grand Opening of its Plainville location on Saturday, October 16, 2010. The fun started at 10am and CWF GameCast began the party at 9:30am with a quick stop to nearby Dunkin Donuts to fuel up on a Mocha Coolata (skim milk please, hold the… Read More»