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You Play It, We Discuss It! | Volume # 5 | November 1, 2007

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I Play Stellar on Guitar Hero.  Check out I Play Stellar on Guitar Hero for a chance to poke fun at ^Raven^.
Battleground Weird War 2

Article of the Month!
Protocon 9 Gold Medal Winner Battleground Weird War II - Wargaming in a World Gone Mad.  Click the photo for the Article of the Month!

Blog News!

In October we made the leap to WordPress 2.3 Dexter and then to the security update WordPress 2.3.1.  This is the biggest thing to happen to CWF in ages!  

WordPress 2.3+ features the much demanded tagging feature.  Now, articles can be tagged based on the content.  For example, an article on 40k Apocalypse will have the tags 40k, Apocalypse, and any of the armies mentioned.  The benefit of this is easier searching.  Click on the tag and you get ALL articles with that tag.

Even better is our custom tag cloud.  The tag cloud shows all used tags and the more a tag is utilized the bigger it appears in the tag cloud.  This lets you see, at a glance, what topics are discussed the most.  And yes, clicking the tags in the cloud will take you to all the articles with that tag.   

We've also installed several much needed plugins to combat spam comments and registrations.  They are working like charms.  Plus we have been sharing video more often.  Most notably is the Video of the Month and American Leadership and War Animated Map.

If you have an upcoming local event please let us know via the Contact Us page.

Lastly, we've been working with Digg to get our content Dugg.  This helps to promote CWF and share our articles with a wider audience.  Please help us by clicking the Digg icon Digg Icon under an article.  This will submit it to Digg, you need a free Digg account, where others can Digg the article too.  Check out our official Digg account.

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Quote of the Month!

"Few men are born brave, many become so through training and force of discipline."


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For October 07

New Articles: 30
New Members: 2
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New Podcasts: 0
Pageviews: 84,367

In Total

Articles: 272
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Pageviews: 594,252
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