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Q&A with Warvault Owner Angron Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, here is the conclusion to the Q&A session with Warvault Owner Angron. CWF: What got you into gaming? Ang: My cousin, when I was about 7. He was… well, some age older than me, and played 2nd ed 40k. I learnt the rules, the fluff, got… Read More»

Q&A with Warvault Owner Angron Part 1

Disclaimer – This Q&A session was held with Warvault.net owner, Angron, on 7/30/06. It has been split into two postings due to its length. In the belief of full disclosure please note that I have known Angron for years. Additionally, wargamingforums.com is a member of Warvault.net (henceforth called WV) and… Read More»