Hobby Bunker Game Day 2014 – Wargaming Recon #121

Hobby Bunker Game Day 2014

Boston Trained Bands hosts a successful annual game day at the Hobby Bunker in Malden. Jonathan attended their fifth annual game day in 2014. Listen to this episode to learn what games were played, what games wowed the gamers, and 5 reasons why game days are important.

  1. Help promote the local wargaming community
  2. Allow wargamers to find each other and form bonds
  3. Gives wargamers a chance to grow the hobby
  4. Introduces wargamers to games they don’t normally play
  5. Supports Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS)


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Wargaming With Kids – Wargaming Recon #120

Wargaming With Kids

Jonathan shares tips for adults hoping to get kids into wargaming. These are also useful for wargaming parents looking to find a wargaming event at which their child can play.

  • Simplify the rules
  • Fun is the goal
  • Durability is important


  • BONUS: Whenever you see the name Mike Paine as a GM at a game day or a convention you NEED to sign up to play in Mike’s games. He is a superstar GM and he’s fantastic with kids. He always says that his games are for kids and adults who will play nicely with kids. Whenever I see his name at a con I immediately sign up for his stuff. Plus he’s an all around nice guy.


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Henry Hyde Wargaming Author FIXED – Wargaming Recon #119


Henry Hyde Wargaming Author

Henry Hyde comes back on the show for his third appearance. Henry talks about his book the Wargaming Compendium, wargaming, and what he’s been up to.

In a special segment after the show Henry and Jonathan discuss Jonathan’s Ancient Rome inspired imagi-nation campaign the War of Latinian Expansion. Jonathan is blending computer gaming with traditional tabletop gaming.

He used the Plastic Soldier Review website to choose his 1/72 scale HaT Industrie models and 1/72 scale Caesar Miniatures. The HaT models cost under $10 USD for almost 50 infantry from the Hobby Bunker in Malden, Mass (or their online storefront). Caesar Miniatures’ boxes are only slightly higher at $11.95 for 40+ infantry also from the Hobby Bunker.

1/72 scale HaT Industrie & Caesar Miniatures Imperial Romans mixed together.  Can you tell which belong to which manufacturer?

During the show Jonathan mentions the controversial Episode 113: Are Painted Minis Essential to Miniatures Wargaming? and Henry surprises Jonathan with his thoughts on the topic.

Before the show concludes Jonathan makes a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. His wife and he are expecting their first child! The baby is due the beginning of February 2015. Jonathan looks forward to having a little one to introduce to the hobby.


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Latinian Expansion – Battle of Pons Meltior


Latinia Major wasted no time in sending its forces into Onzijdigian territory. Legio II under the command of Aulus Appia proceeded south from the city of Flovios and crossed the border.

Several cohorts paved the way into enemy held lands. They marched for several hours before coming to a bridge known as Pons Meltior. It was the only crossing for miles capable of supporting the entire legion.

Advance scouts warned of enemy forces in the vicinity. With that information in hand the three cohorts bravely crossed the bridge. The legionaries watched the tree line prepared to repulse an attack at any moment. Surprisingly none came.

I, II, and III Cohors Appia continued their march when a glint of metal reflected from the trees. Onzijdigian cavalry were hidden in the trees.
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Latinium in Flames!


Ancient Latinium is home to three venerable nations. Populous Latinia Major covers half the realm with a significant populace of over 1 million souls. To the east its neighbor Hamillar Mineraller contains riches of diamonds, iron, and rubies. Wedged into the southern border intersecting the two is tiny Onzijdigia.

Onzijdigia contains little of value except its borders extend across a large swathe of the river Aegyptus. Aegyptus is the primary trade highway connecting many of Latinia Major’s cities with its capitol.

Decades of negotiation passed between the giant Latinia Major and its petite neighbor to the south to no conclusion. During this time Hammilar Mineraller and Onzijdigia bolstered their friendship. Hammilar’s senate does not wish to see its rival, Latinia, gain a foothold anywhere. Where Latinia benefits Hammilar does not.
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