2015 Episode Guide

We hope you will enjoy this episode guide to our 2015 podcast season.

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Release Date | Episode # | Topic, Important Notes, & Guest(s) if applicable
January 19th-Ep.128: Goals for 2015
February 2nd-ReCast 34: TotalCon 2008
February 19th-Ep.129: Are Small Game Conventions Dying Out?
March 2nd-Ep.130: TotalCon 2015 with Steven Parenteau
March 16th-Ep.131: Ancient History Magazine Kickstarted with Jasper Oorthuys and Josho Brouwers
March 30th-Ep.132: 5 Tips to Pick Fun Convention Games
April 13th-Ep.133: Crowdfunding Adler Boardgame Cafe
April 27th-Ep.134: 5th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge
May 11th-Ep.135: Swamped Kickstarter with Ben Gerber & Dennis Hoyle
May 25th-Ep.136: HuzzahCon 2015
June 8th-Ep.137: Great Facebook Groups for Wargamers
June 23rd-Ep.138: Australian Wargaming with Joshua Shoobridge
July 6th-Ep.139: Magazines for Wargamers
July 20th-Ep.140: How to Survive Your FLGS Closing with Aaron Bostian
August 3rd-Ep.141: Naval Thunder Wargaming with Adrian Benson
August 17th-Ep.142: Age of Sigmar Warhammer Fantasy Battles with Aaron Bostian
August 31st-Ep.143: Leadbear’s Scenic Tufts
September 14th-Ep.144: TSR Podcast Network with Peter Bryant
September 28th-Ep.145: Mailbag Listener Mail
October 26th-Ep.146: Plastic Soldiers
November 9th-Ep.147: Holiday Gift Guide 2015
November 23rd-Ep.148: Miniature Wargaming the Movie with Joseph Piddington
December 7th-Ep.149: 2015 in Review

24 new episodes planned!

“Best of” episodes release:

December 21, 2015-ReCast 131: Ancient History Magazine Kickstarted
January 4, 2016-

2016 Season begins
January 18th-Ep.150: