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Wargaming Recon #86: Angelia – TotalCon’s Promotional Director

Angelia Parenteau – TotalCon’s Promotional Director. Long term listeners may recall Episode 69: Angelia Heroux & TotalCon when I first chatted with Angelia, newly married, about Total Confusion LLC (TotalCon). TotalCon is New England’s largest tabletop gaming convention. This time we discuss Total Confusion 27. Plenty of great events are… Read More»

Wargaming Recon #1: Introducing Wargaming Recon

Introducing Wargaming Recon. Originally released on August 17, 2006 this recording is the debut of what is now known as Wargaming Recon. Episode 1 was recorded as part of a requirement for an online class for work. Some highlights from the episode are: First mention of Battleground Games and Derek… Read More»

Wargaming Recon #85: 5 Goals for 2013

5 Goals for 2013. Last year I set my (Un)Realistic Goals for 2012. Liking the idea I am continuing the trend with my 5 Goals for 2013. Improve Accessibility Consistently Release Great Content Nurture a Strong and Growing Community Mix It Up Give Back Also discussed: New recording workflow using… Read More»

No Wargaming Recon This Week

We’re very sorry but there is no new episode of Wargaming Recon for the week of January 6, 2013. This is a crappy way to start the new year but it is for a very good reason. On December 28th my wife and I closed on our first house. We… Read More»

2012 By the Numbers

2012 is dead. Long live 2013. Or, something like that. Over the years we’ve succumbed to the common practice of recounting last year’s highlights as a way of welcoming the new year. We’re fools for a tradition. The amazing people at WordPress.com compiled a 2012 Annual Report for us but… Read More»