Q&A with CWF Admin Philip Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, here is the conclusion to the Q&A session with CWF Admin Philip.

^Raven^: What got you into gaming?

Philip: Originally I joined a gaming club at my high school to play Magic the Gathering. People there also played 40K, which appealed visually.

^Raven^: What games do you play and what armies for each system?

Philip: Mostly GW.
For 40K I play Marines (my original army) and Imperial Guard
For Fantasy I play Orcs and Empire
For BFG I play Imperials

In Necromunda I have a Cawdor and an Escher gang, in Blood Bowl I have a Human team, I have a Lions of Alahan Confrontation force, but I haven’t used it much. I have a small army of D&D Miniatures of all sorts as well

^Raven^: Who is your gaming idol and why?

Philip: I don’t really have a gaming idol, I usually just judge designers by the quality of the work they put out.

^Raven^: Anything you’d like to plug?

Philip: Well, I’ll give a plug to jphip.com again. Also to the golf MMO Albatross 18 since I’ve been wasting way too much time with it lately.

^Raven^: Did you say golf as in 9 hole, irons and sand traps?

Philip: Yeah. You heard right.

^Raven^: Mmmkay. When you die, if God exists, what would you like him/her to say to you at the pearly gates?

Philip: Anything except ‘Go away’

^Raven^: How can people contact you?

Philip: email is probably the best method: tremere12@hotmail.com

^Raven^: I want to thank Philip for taking this time out of his busy schedule to talk with us. Remember CWF Game Discussions is located at www.wargamingforums.com and is owned by www.blee.biz. Jphip.com is full of JPOP goodness. For more information please go to www.jphip.com.

Philip: Welcome, my pleasure.

^Raven^: As a famous American once said, “Good night and good luck.”