Librarium Online Recovering from Hack Attack

Today I received an e-mail from Hard Aun, one of the super big bosses at Librarium Online, regarding the hack attack on LO and their plans.

For security reasons he, nor I, will go in depth with any plans.  I don’t know much, nor should I, of their plans but here’s his e-mail.

“We thought you might like to know what’s going on with Librarium-Online.  Yes, it was hacked, and because Blackhat was away, and there was a virus-dropping Pop-up added to the forum, we decided to TEMPORARILY close the site.  We aim to get LO back up on Sunday 24th September (in time for people to post about UK Games Day)

Anyway, we have a little message board at   for further updates, although we hope there won’t be any and the next time you see my words will be on Sunday.”

On behalf of all of us here at the CWF Game Game Discussions Podcast & Blog I extend my sympathies and encouragement for a speedy recovery to the LO gang.  I also want to thank Angron for taking the initiative to set up that lifeboard forum.

Just remain patient and I know Black Hat, or someone from LO, will send the word out when it is back on its feet.