Hasselfree Miniatures New Releases

We normally spend a lot of time talking about GW, MGP, Privateer Press and some of the other big gaming companies.  But, we cannot forgot the mini companies that make stellar models and don’t get a ton of mainstream press.

Hasselfree is one of those great mini companies.  They produce a wide range of incredible models that begs my wallet to spit out its contents.  One such model is their new release Deth & Taxxis.

Deth & Taxxis is a zombie queen, Taxxis, and her troll, Deth.  The model costs 8.50 GBP as a special pre-order price until October 2nd.  Be sure to get it at this great discount!

Hasselfree has an entire line of Zombies that you need to check out.  You can order all their products from their official website.  If you like them enough be sure to ask your friendly local gaming store to either stock Hasselfree’s minis or to special order them for you.

In closing we want to talk about a work in progress that we absolutely love.  It doesn’t have a name but it is a tigress (see photo above).  What endeared us to it is all the muscle work.  You can really see the muscles on the legs and torso and it is incredible.  Can’t wait to see the finished model.

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