CWF Stargate SG-1 RPG Update

This past Friday night a bunch of us got together to roll out our characters for the Stargate SG-1 RPG that CWF’s own Steve is running. Unfortunately, we received bad news that one of the players dropped out.

The evening went well with Jared, a Battleground Games employee, Steve, and I getting together. Traffic and getting stuck at work held me up but at 7 we rolled our characters.

Jared chose to be an Air Force soldier, he’s commanding the team, and I rolled out a Diplomatic Corps Scientist named Benjamin Nam’a’taht. Although I don’t have Jared’s stats in front of me I do have mine and thought I’d share.

Strength – 10 (No Mod)
Dexterity – 9 (-1 Mod)

Constitution – 13 (+1 Mod)

Intelligence – 16 (+3 Mod)

Wisdom – 12 (+1 Mod)

Charisma – 20 (+4 Mod)

Vitality – 24

Wounds – 13

Defense – 12

Fortitute – 2

Reflex – 0

Will – 5

Action Dice – 3

Inspiration – 1

Education – 3

Initiative – 1

Plus I start with a P30 rifle, the standard SG-1 Rifle. I also have maxed out in Appraise, Computers, Cryptography, Cultures, Diplomacy, Electronics, First Aid, Languages, Listen, Mechanics, and Xeno-Languages. Additionally I have started to have ranks for Knowledge of the Gaould (sp) and Gestapo. Some basics are I know a ton of languages, ten in total, ranging from English and Japanese to Ancient, Ancient Egyptian and Goa’uld.

The game starts this coming Friday and should be a blast. Stay tuned for updates.

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